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Terms of use

1. General Provisions

1.1. The Administration of the Printonator.com site (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) provides you with access to the use of the Site and its capabilities on the terms that are the subject of these Terms of Use. The user is obliged to fully familiarize himself with these Rules before registering / authorizing on the site, before the user uploads images and creates a user design, as well as publishing it. Registration / authorization, creation and publication of a design by the User on the Site means the full and unconditional acceptance of these Rules by the User. The agreement concluded on the basis of the User's acceptance of this offer is an accession agreement to which the User joins without any exceptions and / or reservations. The offer to conclude an agreement is valid until the Administration places a notice of withdrawal of this offer on the Site.

1.2. These Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) are developed by the Administration and determine the conditions for the use and development of the Site, as well as the rights and obligations of its Users and the Administration. The Rules also apply to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties who are not Users of the Site, but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of the actions of Users of the Site.

1.3. These Rules are a legally binding agreement between the User and the Administration, the subject of which is the provision by the Site Administration to the User of access to the use of the Site and its capabilities.

1.4. These Rules can be changed and / or supplemented by the Site Administration unilaterally without any special notice. These Rules are an open and public document. The current version of the Rules is located on the Internet on the Site (https://printonator.com/terms/). The Administration recommends that Users regularly check the terms of these Rules for changes and / or additions. Continued use of the Site by the User after the introduction of changes and/or additions to these Rules means the acceptance and consent of the User with such changes and/or additions.

2. Site Status

2.1. The rights to the Site as a whole and to use the network address (domain name) https://printonator.com/ belong to the Administration on the basis of a lease agreement. The Administration provides access to the Site to all interested parties in accordance with these Rules and applicable law.

2.2. These Rules establish the conditions under which the rights to use information and the results of intellectual activity (including, but not limited to literary, visual, works of graphics and design, photographic works) as part of individual sections of the Site may belong to Users of the Site and other persons independently who created and / or placed these objects on the Site without the direct participation of the Administration.

3. Site Administration

3.1. With regard to the functioning and development of the Site, the Administration is guided by the law, these Rules and other special documents that are developed or may be developed and adopted by the Administration in order to regulate the provision of access to certain functionality of the Site to Users.

3.2. None of the provisions of these Rules grant the User the right to use the trade name, trademarks, domain names and other distinguishing marks of the Administration.

4. Registration on the Site and the status of the User

4.1. Registration of the User on the Site is free, voluntary and is carried out at the address on the Internet: https://printonator.com/.

4.2. When registering or publishing a design created on the Site, the User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary reliable and up-to-date information for the formation of the User's personal page, including a login (e-mail address) unique for each User and a password to access the Site. The registration form / authorization form of the Site may request additional information from the User.

4.3. The user is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with the law of the information provided and its purity from the claims of third parties.

4.4. The User agrees with these Rules and assumes the rights and obligations specified in them related to the use and operation of the Site.

4.5. Login and password are necessary and sufficient information for the User to access the Site. The user does not have the right to transfer his login and password to third parties, he is fully responsible for their safety.

4.6. Unless the User proves otherwise, any actions performed using his login and password are considered to be committed by the relevant User. In case of unauthorized access to the login and password and/or personal page of the User, or distribution of the login and password, the User is obliged to immediately notify the Site Administration in accordance with the established procedure.

4.7. After registration, the User acquires the right to independently create, use, post materials (including design layouts and images) and use other features of the Site for personal non-commercial purposes.

4.8. The user has the right to create, edit, post materials for design in accordance with this offer, other personal non-commercial purposes. At the same time, Users are obliged to comply with applicable international law, as well as post only such information that complies with these Rules, as well as recognized ethical standards and principles of morality, including those related to those in the opinion of the Administration.

4.9. The User confirms that he acts legally, has all the necessary rights and does not violate the legal rights and interests of third parties and the current legislation, including the legislation on the rights to the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization.

4.10. It is not allowed to place on the Site materials belonging to third parties - copyright holders, in whole or in part without the prior permission of such copyright holders, as well as other information, in accordance with these Rules. The User independently administers the materials created and posted, published by him (including layouts and images), is obliged to independently monitor and prevent the placement of information that does not comply with the Rules, and, if necessary, independently delete materials that do not comply with these Rules using the functionality of the Site.

4.11. The user is fully responsible for his actions related to the creation and placement, publication of materials (including layouts and images), in accordance with applicable law, international legal acts and these Rules. In case of creation, placement, publication of materials (including layouts, images) that contradict the Site Rules or current legislation, the User is independently obliged to take measures to remove the relevant materials using the functionality of the Site.

4.12. In the event that the User violates the legal rights and interests of third parties, the current legislation, as well as the provisions of these Rules, the Administration has the right, but is not obliged, at its choice, to take the following measures:

- delete materials (including layouts and images) and other information of the User;

- remove the User's access to the Site;

- block the User's access to the Site.

5. Obligations of the Site User

5.1. When using the Site, the User is obliged:

5.1.1. comply with the provisions of the current legislation, these Rules and other documents of the Administration;

5.1.2. provide accurate, complete and up-to-date data during registration, monitor their updating;

5.1.3. inform the Administration about unauthorized access to the personal page and / or unauthorized access and / or use of the password and login of the User;

5.1.4. not provide third parties with access to their own login/password if this may lead to a violation of the law and/or these Rules, other documents of the Site Administration;

5.1.5. not post materials (including layouts and images) that may violate the rights and interests of others;

5.1.6. before posting information and objects (including, but not limited to, images of other persons, other people's texts of various contents, photographs, images), preliminarily assess the legality of their placement;

5.1.7. back up information that is important for the User, created / posted by him.

5.2. If there are doubts about the legality of the implementation of certain actions, including the creation, use, placement of materials, including, but not limited to, layouts and images (previously and hereinafter - material, materials), the Administration recommends refraining from the latter.

5.3. When using the Site, the User is prohibited from:

5.3.1. register as a User on behalf of or instead of another person. At the same time, it is possible to register on behalf and on behalf of another individual, subject to obtaining the necessary powers in the manner and form provided for by law;

5.3.2. mislead the Administration or Users about their identity using the login and password of another registered User;

5.3.3. upload, store, publish, distribute and make available or otherwise use any information that: contains threats, discredits, insults, defames honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of third parties; violates the rights of minors; is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors; contains scenes of inhuman treatment of animals; contains a description of the means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it; promotes and/or promotes incitement of racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, promotes fascism or the ideology of racial superiority; contains extremist materials; promotes criminal activity or contains advice, instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts; contains information of limited access, including, but not limited to, state and commercial secrets, information about the private lives of third parties; contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of drug use, information about the distribution of drugs, recipes for their manufacture and advice on use; is fraudulent; violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or legal requirements.

5.3.4. illegally upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access or otherwise use the intellectual property of Users and third parties;

5.3.5. use the software and carry out actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Site;

5.3.6. upload, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use viruses, trojans and other malicious programs;

5.3.7. in any way, including, but not limited to, by deception, breach of trust, hacking, try to gain access to the login and password of third parties;

5.3.8. carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of third parties;

5.3.9. to use the Site in a different way, except through the interface provided by the Administration, unless such actions were expressly permitted to the User in accordance with a separate agreement with the Administration;

5.3.10. post any other information that, in the opinion of the Administration, is undesirable, does not correspond to the purposes of creating the Site, or for other reasons is undesirable for posting on the Site;

5.3.11. The User is personally solely responsible for any information that he creates, changes, places on the Site, as well as for any interactions with third parties carried out at his own risk.

5.3.12. If the User disagrees with these Rules or their updates, the User is obliged to refuse to use it, informing the Administration about it in the prescribed manner.

6. Terms of intellectual property rights

6.1. Exclusive rights to materials posted on the Site

6.1.1. All materials posted on the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations and other objects and their collections (with the exception of those posted by Users), are objects of the exclusive rights of the Administration and other copyright holders, all rights to these objects are reserved.

6.1.2. Except as provided by these Rules, as well as by applicable law, no materials may be copied, processed, distributed, published, or otherwise used in whole or in part without the prior permission of the copyright holder, unless the copyright holder has expressly agreed to free use of the material by any person.

6.1.3. The user, by posting on the Site legally owned material, provides other users with a non-exclusive right to use it by viewing, other rights solely for the purpose of personal non-commercial use, except when such use causes or may cause harm to the legally protected interests of the copyright holder.

6.1.4. The User also grants the Site Administration a non-exclusive right to use, free of charge, the material posted on the Site and legally owned by him in order to ensure the operation of the Site by the Site Administration to the extent determined by the capabilities and architecture of the Site. The specified non-exclusive right is granted for the period of posting the material on the Site and extends its effect to the territories of countries around the world. If the User deletes his material from the Site, the non-exclusive right mentioned in clauses 6.1.3, 6.1.4 of these Rules will be automatically revoked.

6.1.5. In addition to its own material, the User is not entitled to create, use, post on the Site materials of other sites, databases and other results of intellectual activity of third parties in the absence of the express consent of the copyright holder to such actions.

6.1.6. Any use of the Site, design elements, functionality of the Site or materials, except as permitted in these Rules, is strictly prohibited.

6.1.7. Unless otherwise clear otherwise not set forth in these Rules, nothing in these Rules can be considered as a transfer of exclusive rights to the materials.

6.2. Liability for violation of exclusive rights.

6.2.1. The User is personally responsible for any materials that he creates, edits, places, publishes on the Site or with its help. The User does not have the right to upload, transmit or publish materials on the Site if he does not have the appropriate rights to perform such actions, acquired or transferred to him in accordance with the law.

6.2.2. The Site Administration has the right, but is not obliged, to review the Site for prohibited materials and may remove (without warning) any materials or Users at its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, that violate these Rules, the law and / or may violate the rights, harm or threaten the safety of other Users or third parties.

6.3. Third Party Sites and Content.

6.3.1. The Site contains (or may contain) links to other third-party sites on the Internet.

6.3.2. These third parties and their materials are not checked by the Administration for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, integrity, etc.). The Administration is not responsible for any information posted on the websites of third parties.

6.3.3. A link to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site does not constitute an approval or recommendation of these products (services) by the Administration.

6.3.4. If the User decides to leave the Site and go to third-party sites or use or install third-party programs, he does so at his own risk and from that moment these Rules no longer apply to the User and the Administration.

7. Final provisions

7.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with applicable law.

7.2. The Administration is not responsible for the inability of the User to access the Site for any technical reasons, including disruption of communication lines, equipment malfunction, etc. The site may be temporarily partially or completely unavailable due to preventive or other works or for any other technical reasons.

7.3. All textual information and graphic images posted on the Site have a legal owner, illegal use of the specified information and images is prosecuted in accordance with applicable law.

7.4. In the case of using the capabilities of the Site, which allows you to independently place an image on the product, the User is fully responsible for the violation (if any) of the rights of the copyright holders of the images used by him. The User confirms that the Administration did not know, could not and should not have known that the User violates the exclusive rights of third parties to the results of intellectual activity, means of individualization of goods and services.

7.5. Any of the Parties is released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, if this failure was caused by force majeure circumstances: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars, military actions, actions of state bodies, as well as any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either Party.

7.6. All disputes related to non-fulfillment, or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this agreement, the parties will try to resolve during negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement during negotiations, disputes will be resolved in court in accordance with applicable law.

7.7. In the event of a conflict between certain provisions of this Agreement and the norms of the current legislation, the norms of the current legislation shall apply. The invalidity of individual provisions does not entail the invalidity of the Agreement as a whole.

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